Comprehensive Cyber Security
To Protect Your Business

Is Your Business Safe From Cyber Security Threats?

At Cyber Guards, we know that businesses want to grow without the fear that they could
lose it all in a cyber security breach. The truth is, most organizations are vulnerable in their
current security plan and are at risk of losing the business they’ve worked so hard to create.
Fortunately, there’s a simple way to protect your organization from impending threats.
Cyber Guards offers your company a turn-key cyber solution that’s tailored to your business
and budget. This ensures your assets are safe and your company continues to grow.

Here’s How Cyber Guards Offers Comprehensive Cyber Security To Help Your Organization:

  • Risk Assessment and Security Project Road Map
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring, Detection, and Response
  • Fully Managed Cyber Security Program
  • Security Validation Testing

Getting Started Is As Easy As:

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Most companies aren’t prepared for a cyber security breach. Cyber Guards gives you the security solution you need to keep your organization protected.

Why Cyber Guards?

Whether you’re a medium-sized business just getting started with cyber security or a large organization that already has experience, your assets need to be fully protected in the event of a breach. Cyber Guards offers 24/7 support to over 100 companies. All of these companies realize that in order to grow your business you have to protect it first.

Our Services Include:

Cyber Security

Validation Testing


24/7 Managed
Detection &

Fully Managed
Cyber Security

"As Chief Technology Officer, providing information security to our 180+ locations nationwide is essential. I brought Cyber Guards in to look at the end to end environment, to help formalize our security team, and assess the environment in order to fill any gaps. Partnering with their Security Operations Center services provided the proper levels of expertise needed to protect company assets nationwide. The strong relationship that we developed with Cyber Guards over the past two years has empowered my team to do just that."

-Mike B., Chief Technology Officer