Cyber Guards & XM Cyber’s New Partnership Helps Companies Visualize Their Attack Surface and Take Effective Action to Protect Their Business

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Memphis, TN (October 22, 2020) Cyber Guards and XM Cyber have announced a new partnership that offers companies a consistent and continuous security lens so they can see, in real time, how vulnerable their assets actually are. Most businesses don’t know where they stand every day in regards to their security posture. The new partnership here gives companies the ability to visualize risk to their assets and equips them with the plan and tactics they need to stop attackers in their tracks.

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“Companies are investing in cyber security at historic rates, yet most do not know where they stand regarding their ability to thwart cyber security attacks,” said Erik Holmes, CEO of Cyber Guards. “As a CIO, CISO, or IT Security Professional, you should be able to answer 3 questions; Are my critical assets actually safe? Are my security investments protecting me like I think they are? And where should I focus my team’s efforts? This partnership is making answering those questions possible. If your current cyber security offering isn’t giving you a live look-in to the security of your organization, how do you know you’re actually protected?”


Here’s a look at the platform and how it helps companies visualize their attack surface and take effective action to protect their critical assets:


The XM Cyber platform allows us to map out an entire organization, identify critical assets, and then probe and test the environment each day to ensure that the organization is secure. This way of testing is miles ahead of the cyber security testing that most companies receive. Both more consistent and continuous, companies can now know where they stand and be at peace knowing they’re protected from cyber threats.

At the end of the day, most companies aren’t prepared for a cyber security breach. This new partnership between Cyber Guards and XM Cyber provides the continuous security solution that every growing company needs to stay secure. Visit for more information regarding the platform, as well as how it could provide your business with the peace of mind you deserve.